Wednesday, 7 March 2012

KONY 2012: PLEASE Help and Watch the Vedio

Please we need to stop Joseph Kony, we need to get him killed this year, you might think we have alot of time but, remember the Haiti earthquake 2 years ago, you probably saying " Oh yeah, i totally forgot about that", we don't want Kony to be like that as well. Remember, the expiry date is December 31st, 2012. We need to help.Also sign the pledge here Thanks for your support!!!

Friday, 17 February 2012

Beautiful Dresses Designs

Check It OUT!

    Hey Hey Hey, we have fresh new designs in stock for you today, by my generous friend, who is currently taking classes in fashion! She has worked with many a.k.a mazing people, like Tyra Banks, and designed many celebrity outfits. So, next time, you go jam at a party, take some ideas from these dresses and rock it out!
Dress 2 is in chestnut colours, that go
 into a beautiful cream. What's not
to love?

Dress 1 is cute and cuddly, perfect for
someone with green eyes!

If you're a Gaga or Katy Perry fanatic,
then this dress is for you, hands down

                                 Dress 4 is beautifully elegant,and
                        something we'd expect on
                         Madonna or Beyonce

Dress 5 is so adorably white and colourful
that we can't take our eyes off. Two Thumbs UP!

That's all the adorable things we have today folks, do come back for more on Faviannaz, and please remember to subscribe and follow. Also comment below on which dress you think is the best!
                                                             GO FAVIANNAZ!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Best Dressed at the Grammy's

Check It Out!

   Now, the Grammy's have just passed, and we're all in to find about, who looked gorgeous, and who looked like a hot mess. Well, today we're going to have some pretty girlies, who knew what to wear and how to work it . Let's check out, the best dressed list of the Grammy's.
Here, we have Katy Perry, totally working her her blue hair, in a underwater blue dress. We also have Carrie Underwood in a blingy white gown, We LOVE!

Third, we have Jessie J, totally looking fabulous in a shiny silver dress, and Kate Beckinsale, looking cute as ever in a short creme dress. 
Here, we also have Paris Hilton, looking so elegant in a beautiful creme gown. Also, looking so cute, we have Snookie, with a touch of zebra print. Has she lost weight??

Thats's all people, but keep coming back for more.  Remember, to comment below on who you think is the best dressed, and remember to subscribe and follow Faviannaz.


Wednesday, 15 February 2012

10 Songs That Represent Racism, and Discrimination

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Black History Month is here, and its time to show our Faviannaz spirit, here at Faviannaz, we're all about the spirit, and we’re going to show ours, by digging though our playlist, and coming up with songs, that represent black history, discrimination, racism songs, by current artists. Let’s get started!

First, we have “History by Jay-Z”, the proud father of little Blue Ivy, Congrats to Jay-Z from Faviannaz!  

Next up on our list, in the the one, the only 
"Where is the love by the Black Eyed Peas"  

 Third on our list is the evergreen"Blackbird by the Beatlessssss"  

Next up, we have, also the evergreen 
"Imagine by John Lennon"


 Also in the memory of the king of pop, we have "They don't care about us" by Micheal Jackson

Another person, we want to commemorate is, "changes by 2pac"

On the seventh number of our playlist is "Black or White by Micheal Jackson"

believe it or not, there is actually a song called 
"Ku Klux Klan by the steel pulse" Check it out!

And how can we make a list about changing the world songs without "Wavin' Flag by K'naan"

Last but definitely, not the least, we have "long way to go by Gwen Stephani"

That's all we have folks, but keep coming back for more. Also, follow Faviaanaz and subscribe, and don't forget to comment on what you think!

                                                         GO FAVIANNAZ!